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Ricult is a Triple Bottom Line company

For this reason, the Ricult Farmer App is free for farmers. Ricult believes in building tools that help farmers work their way out of poverty. Hence, the Ricult Farmer App has been built after extensive research of understanding farmers' pain points. Keeping these factors in mind, Ricult has also been conducting regular impact assessments to monitor the effect of its products on the social well-being of the farmers. Based on the last impact assessment conducted in 2019, Ricult is happy to share that there has been a considerable improvement in the financial well-being of the farmers who used the Ricult Farmer App, as shown below.


Key highlights


farmer users

Ricult farmer app, free for use by all farmers. Get weather forecast, farm satellite, expert advice and many more.

2.1 million

acres of farm satellite

Users can get access to satellite imagery such as RGB and NDVI. Monitor farms at scale from anywhere.



Ricult now operates in 3 countries; Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam

22 %

 better farm productivity

With Ricult data, expert advice and better practices, farm productivity is higher

17 %

better profit

With more precise monitoring, farmers can promptly improve yield in the farm and income


financial support

Ricult has provided financial support for farmers through products such as harvest and input financing, and expanding

Fighting The Good Fight - Ricult On The Front Line

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