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Our Products

Ricult products enable stakeholders in the agricultural industry to have complete control over farm activities, gain deep insights into all processes, optimize costs and improve yields with powerful analytics.

Farmer app.png

Ricult farmer app

Our Ricult Farmer App gives farmers free access to weather data, farm advisory, farm health via satellite imagery, farm measurement tool and many more. 



RicultX helps mills, banks, input companies and many more manage yield, sourcing, field activities, risks with our analytics and machine learning models.

Crop scan.JPG

Crop scan

Using deep learning on satellite imagery, we provide a crop classification model which automatically scans a wide geographical area for its crop types, growth stages, and estimated harvests. Use our interactive map or analytic reports to strategize your business; whether it's for sourcing or operations.

Financial solution.png

Financial Solution

Ricult uses a complex combination of agronomy and profile data to better predict farmer affordability for financial services.  This leads to financial products that fit farming cycles better, improved risk management for banks and institutions, and better financial access for farmers.


Custom Solution

New challenges mean new opportunities. Task us with a brand new custom solution to your problem.

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