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Harness AI technology to accelerate regenerative agriculture programmes  

Drive regenerative agriculture including Rice methane reduction projects with Ricult's AI-powered platform.

Leverage satellite data and AI to combat climate change: drive sustainable agriculture and reduce rice methane emissions with Ricult's innovative platform. Gain accurate and transparent insights for carbon credit generation. Discover how we're leading the charge towards a greener future.

Carbon Credits & the Future of Agriculture

Agriculture is the biggest source of carbon emissions in the world. 20% of the carbon emissions globally are generated by agriculture. Global rice cultivation alone generates 12% man made carbon emissions which is 4X the impact of the global aviation industry. 

But agriculture has the potential to become a net carbon sink from a net carbon emitter. From 20% of the emissions globally, we can come down to -30%.

4 times.png

Rice cultivation emissions

4 times






Rice cultivation


Why Ricult?



Strong Farmer Network

Collaborate with a vast network of registered farmers on our platform.

On-the-Ground Presence

Benefit from our dedicated teams operating in Thailand and Pakistan.


AI Based Tools

Our AI embedded technology addresses vital challenges in Rice methane production monitoring.


Remote Sensing

Our advanced satellite-based monitoring, including SAR data, provides full transparency to project developers and carbon investors, allowing them to track project progress and impact.

Challenges in Achieving Net-Zero Emissions in Agriculture


Adoption of Regenerative Practices

Farmers often lack resources and incentives to adopt new methods.

Trust and


Traditional MRV (self-reported data) raises doubts about the legitimacy of carbon credits.


Scalable Monitoring and Verification

Lack of reliable and cost effective tools hinders effective project tracking and assessment at scale.


Carbon Credit Buyers and Sellers

Real-time tracking and verification of farm activities, promoting trust and transparency in carbon credit transactions.

High Carbon Emission Companies

Connect with a vast network of farmers in Pakistan and Thailand to track progress and project impact with our advanced tools.



User-friendly software, facilitating the creation and maintenance of reliable carbon credit registries.


How Ricult Empowers Key Players in the Carbon Market

Carbon Reduction Project Developers

Robust monitoring and verification systems to ensure accurate project evaluation.


Educational resources and support for adopting regenerative practices.

Carbon Credits

Generate verified carbon credits for a sustainable income stream. Produce verified carbon credits to effectively offset carbon emissions.


The Ricult Advantage



Seamless registration and platform access.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Continuous tracking and data analysis using AI and satellite imagery.

  • Addressing Challenges, Offering Solutions
    We bridge the gap between companies and farmers, fostering sustainable practices with practical support.

  • Empowering Farmers, Driving Decarbonization
    Advanced monitoring, insights, and support enable farmers to adopt regenerative practices, leading to sustainable agriculture and reduced carbon emissions.

  • Access, Transformation, Monitoring - The Path to Carbon Credits
    Ricult empowers farmers with access to resources, facilitates transformative practices, and ensures robust monitoring for carbon credit generation.

Connecting with Farmers for Regenerative Agriculture

We address the challenges faced by both companies and farmers by offering practical solutions for sustainable practices.


Tools for Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV)

Leveraging AI, Machine Learning, Satellite Imagery, and SAR data, Ricult offers a suite of tools to monitor and improve agricultural practices.


AI & Machine Learning


Satellite Imagery

SAR Data
(Synthetic Aperture Radar)


Field Boundary Detection

Precise boundary detection, ensuring accurate farm mapping every time.

Crop Rotation Detection

Instantly discover crop rotation patterns, ensuring visibility throughout the year

Cover Crop Detection

Seamless remote identification of cover crops following main crop harvests.

Rice AWD Detection

Remote identification of alternate wetting & drying practices in rice fields.

Tillage Detection

Detect tillage activities remotely, enhancing farm management insights.

Data Collection App

Gather field level farmer reported data essential for carbon projects.

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