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Thai Wah Public Company Limited

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Thai Wah Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company engaged in manufacture of tapioca, vermicelli and noodle products for local and international distribution.


For a company of Thaiwah size, effective supply chain management is of major importance. With 9 factories in 3 countries, Thaiwah has to secure supplies and ensure delivery of the right quality produce daily. As a responsible company, Thaiwah is also dedicated to help farmers in Thailand in order to have better life quality and more profitability. This dedication puts an imperative on implementing sustainable practices as well as bring in technology into its operation.

In order to achieve these goals and help its suppliers, Thaiwah wanted to support farmers with a digital farming tool and use data analytics, RicultX, to help strategize their sourcing operation.

Ricult's solution

Currently, Ricult works with Thaiwah sourcing team to secure enough supplies for factory and also encourage farmers to use weather-related data to mitigate risks in their farm activities thru Ricult farmer app.

“With Ricult platforms, we have relevant information that could guide farmers to have better yield. Also, we know exactly where we need to secure supplies thank to Ricult models.”

RicultX, Farm Management Tool, is a comprehensive platform enabling agricultural companies to gain deep insights into every farms. After implementing our software solution in their agriculture supply chain, Thaiwah had complete and transparency into the status of farms under their supervision via satellite technology in the platform. With a singular platform, Thaiwah is now able to gather data and to monitor the quality of output.

Besides, Ricult also helps identify cassava availability in Thailand so that Thaiwah can ensure enough supplies within controllable budget.

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