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NDVI - a tool for precision farming


In precision agriculture the tool NDVI is use for visible spectrum and adopted to analyze remote sensing measurement, allowing to measure plant health.

Healthy plants absorb most of the visible light while reflecting a large amount of the near-infrared light. Unhealthy plants do the opposite. NDVI is an extremely helpful tool to assess plant health, and understanding it is important.

Ricult farmer app and RicultX, a farm management platform, make it simple for agronomists and farmers to benefit from NDVI by creating maps that convert the -1 to +1 scale into colors that users can see and quickly evaluate.

Farmers and agronomists can use NDVI to see stressed crops at a farm up to 2 weeks before the human eye would be able to detect. So growers can identify diseases, pests, fungus, or arid conditions sooner, and then respond and make quicker decisions before the issues become an even bigger problem.



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