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Farmer story - top Ricult user

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hello everyone. Today, we would like to cover a story of one of top users of Ricult farmer app in 2019. The farmer name is Jumrus Inpuek who plants maize and sunflower in Lopburi, Thailand. Mr. Inpuek is also first generation of Ricult user and gain benefits from weather and satellite data to help him plan farm activities.

“Everyday, I wake up 6 am and open Ricult app to check weather forecast. It is very important to me because I want to plan maize 2 crop cycles within a year.”

For the first crop cycle, Mr.Inpuek plants maize around March - April. For the other period, he plants in July-August. Furthermore, he plants sunflower at the end of a year for tourism purposed and also sell its seed as bird feed.

As a farm leader in one of the district in Lopburi, he also needs to help other farmers make sure that crop yield is good. Therefore, Ricult helps him a lot in term of informing weather data to those famers so that they can mitigate risks in farm activities such as applying fertilizer to a farm.

If you are interested in his sunflower farm, you can follow and make reservation via his facrbook "ทานตะวันอ่อนจากเขาจีนแลที่ไร่จำรัส"

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