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Enabling Easy EUDR Compliance for a Sustainable Future.


Harness the power of cutting-edge tech to simplify EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) compliance for your business.

Ensure sustainable sourcing with digital data collection right from the farm all the way till each reaches you with Ricult’s eco system of mobile applications, on-ground teams and advanced satellite imaging technology, all through a single digital platform.


Project Name

Aree Khwandee - rubber plantation owner-
Harvesting Tea Leaf

Let Ricult power your contribution to the global fight against deforestation

EUDR ensures that items introduced to the EU market are free from deforestation and don't contribute to adverse environmental impact. Ricult’s EUDR solution enables you to digitally gain traceability in your agricultural procurement supply chains right from the farm using its proprietary technology. 

Image by Adrian Infernus

Product and quantity information

Organic Garden

Country of production


Land plot details

Loading Grain into Mixer

Supplier and customer information

Small Plant

Deforestation-free certificates

On the Laptop

Legislation compliance information

Don't let EUDR hold your business back!

With Ricult, you can trace sourced commodities to their exact geolocation, receiving evidence for the deforestation status of each supplier. This process is fully automated using AI-enabled satellite intelligence on our user-friendly platform. Our solution generates automated reports, accessible through the Ricult X Dashboard or via API directly into your existing systems.


Ricult Farmer App

Enabling on ground data collection at the farm level to give you complete data on the products being produced and the land being utilized for production

Why Ricult

Agri-tech expertise backed by years of experience

Born from MIT in 2016, Ricult today comprises a global team of 40+ experts. Our ranks include esteemed sugar agronomists, revered data scientists, and dedicated on-the-ground teams, partnering with 800,000 growers. At the core of our success are exclusive, proprietary datasets, empowering impactful solutions on a global scale 

Crate of Vegetables

We are on the ground!

Ricult is present on the ground in Thailand boasting a team of agri-experts with years of experience working with Rubber, Palm Oil, timber and so on. Our Thailand based CEO, Aukrit has over 15  years of experience with the South East Asian Rubber industry

Superior model accuracy enabled by SAR

The combination of SAR and Sentinel data synergises to elevate accuracy, marking a significant leap in deforestation and degradation insights provided by Ricult. Gain more than 20% improvement in your data accuracy.

Sewage Treatment Plant
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