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Technology to manage farms like never before

Still using foot on the ground to know what's going on in the field? 

Problems predicting sourcing volumes or plan factory operations?

Not getting expected yields? 

Base analytics

Get ready-to-use insights for better planning

  • Growth stage detection

  • Harvest monitoring & alerts

  • Satellite imagery index eg. NDVI


Deep analytics

Empowers companies to make a better decision using predictions

  • Yield forecast model

  • Anomaly model

  • Farm performance ranking

  • Weather forecast

Portfolio monitoring

Data at your fingertips. Find better supplies, manage your portfolio digitally

  • Real-time insight through dashboards

  • Farm and farmer portfolio

  • Interactive mapview

  • Record farming activities via checklist


How have others use our products?


Farm analytics and insight

Maximize yield with crop models and make decision promptly


Reduce operational cost

Manage farm from anywhere with real-time data update; leading to less operational cost


Digital transformation

Digitize your farm and farmer data so that they can be analyzed


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